Like It or Not: Crypto is now Republican

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Like It or Not: Crypto is now Republican

We have honestly been lucky to avoid it for this long. Crypto skated by as a non partisan issue for many years, but now the issue is starting to galvanize politically. The left will lean more anti-crypto and the right will posture as pro-crypto.

So if you find yourself a huge proponent of Crypto, but consider yourself to be more left/democratic, you're going to find yourself feeling a bit torn during the next 4 years as the industry continues its trend towards partisinism. You may have to rethink what it is you really find important morally, and politically.

That being said, I expect crypto will still remain less partisan that other issues. Legislators do seem frequently willing to cross the aisle in order to pass common sense crypto legislation, and that's a good thing. So maybe it's not all bad.


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