I’ve created a Game and hidden seed words throughout it.

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I’ve created a Game and hidden seed words throughout it.

Hi cc, I challenge you all.

I've created a black-mirror style, choose-your-own-adventure hypertext browser game.

I've hidden seed words throughout it. You must solve puzzles and combine clues to find these seed words.

Once found, these words will form seed phrases that can be used to unlock various wallets containing a total of 1.2 ETH (currently worth ~$6k AUD)*.

The game will unlock as more people play.

You do not need to connect your wallet at any point. You must solve the puzzles to get the seed words (think of it like proof-of-work). There is no other way to win. This game is out of my control now.

Here is the game teaser. It might give you some clues for octolisk.

My last game can be found here. It was won in 2 months. My new game is harder by at least 1 order of magnitude. Please keep this in mind. In my last game, there was a guy that spent hours on the game and didn't win and got mad. If you are not prepared for the possibility of spending hours on playing and not winning, please do not play this game.

For each player you collaborate with, your chances of winning increase dramatically. So it is in your best interest to play with friends and split the money.

* All my games are funded from me working hard in the fiat mines. So please play responsibly. I've created tripwires and "boobytraps" in cases of misconduct. Trust me, the only way to win is to play properly.

We hope you love it and have a nice day.

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