What Cold Wallet Do You Use?

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What Cold Wallet Do You Use?

Ive been using a ledger x for years but recently mine has started having the battery issue. Maybe I could get a replacement from them, but Im also tired of the gossip around their software being buggy on top of the whole ledger recover deal.

So Im looking into alternatives. I know Trezor, D’Cent, and Ellipal wallets used to be popular options, is this still the case or has something better come out?

I hold a good combination of btc, eth, and alts that are mostly top 100. Whatever I end up getting would ideally have a UI to support viewing all of these. This is in contrast to ledger where you can hold anything on it, but a lot of networks require some third party interface to view and interact with it.

I do plan to take a more thorough look at my options; I’m really just looking for what your guys experience has been with the wallet(s) you use

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