Which wallet to chose now that is safe?

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Which wallet to chose now that is safe?


after all the debacle from Algowallet, Ledger and now Atomic wallet, what are the actual safe wallets?

I have Ledger and I am not sure if it is safe anymore or if I should worry. Will there be an issue after I buy a Trezor or where is actually the safest wallet we could get?

In th emean time I have also the Defi wallet from Cronos. Am I at risk to also have it hacked?

Can you please tell us newbies or not tech averse what we should do? It is not only important to say what we shouldn't do but also what we SHOULD do and chose. In the end lot of people will just leave all their stuff on CEX or crypto will just die because of all these hacks… What do you people suggest us ?

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