Reminder: Check and revoke unwanted permissions on your wallet.

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Reminder: Check and revoke unwanted permissions on your wallet.

if you use your wallets a lot, connecting it everywhere and signing smart contracts and other permissions for stuff like NFTs etc., then you need to make sure to check on them at least semi-regularly.

Use the website, and connect your wallet. From there you can see all the things you have given access permission to, and all the things you have signed.

Make sure that if you see anything suspicious, old, unused, or generally non-recognizable, then make sure to revoke right there and then. There might be something that was once trusted that isn't anymore due to getting compromised or something.

You can also check on this site instantly after you're not sure if you did something wrong or right with signing some permission, and you can attempt to revoke instantly before any harm is done if you're lucky.

Also remember that just connecting your wallet or signing a message, usually can't cause any harm or need to be worried about. Only be extra attentive and cautious when signing contracts and such, and take the time to READ carefully.

Remember that no one cares about making you money, or airdropping you free stuff, and if they do, it's most likely a scam. Make burner wallets on new browser profiles (possible in brave) if you're unsure about something.

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