Reddit hasn’t learned – TLDR Bots are still winning!

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Reddit hasn’t learned – TLDR Bots are still winning!

Reddit hasn't learned - TLDR Bots are still winning!

Howdy folks!
This is an open letter to Reddit and the team behind the Collectible Avatars that many love.
TLDR: Reddit has a bot problem with claiming the free avatars!

Dear Reddit,
We all love free stuff! We love that you keep giving us free avatars! We love using them to mix and mash, and many people even collect a few and then give them away to someone who doesn't have an avatar. But there's always a rotten apple in the bunch. And lately, through OS we can see that they only get bolder and bolder with each new round of free dops. There needs to be some kinda karma limit/ account age for claiming certain free drops. I can't imagine implementing something like this is hard. But then again I am no programmer. You need to fix this, and you need to fix it now. All it does is take away from actual real users.
A Concerned Collector

Reddits most recent foray into free collectible avatars is the:
Endangered Animals x Reddit Collectible Avatars Collection

Based on information directly from Reddit we have roughly 1,626,700 Endangered Animals left for users to claim! Now the claim rate has been steadily increasing BUT the number of users claiming them to then consolidating them in a single wallet is growing! The problem isn't a Redditor using 6 alts to claim all 6 for themselves. The problem is people creating thousands of alts to claim thousands of them…and their number just keeps growing. Through OS and its analytics tool, we can clearly see this problem.

The top 6 accounts hold a total of 23,671 avatars.
That's an insane amount. And I don't expect this number to stop growing unless Reddit does something. I don't believe that they aren't aware of this problem since multiple people have brought it up! Now the current floor price for these is roughly 0.06 Matic, and that will fluctuate and certainly go down as these massive accounts try to undercut each other to get a sale. Now the same thing happened with the previous NFL, and the World Cup drops! Unfortunately, it seems like the analytics tabs for those collections aren't available right now. But I guarantee the same thing happened.

TLDR: Reddit has a bot problem with claiming the free avatars!

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