Reddit-backed BRICK is outperforming MOON. Here’s why BRICK has huge potential:

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Reddit-backed BRICK is outperforming MOON. Here’s why BRICK has huge potential:

Reddit has two “community point” tokens BRICK and MOON, both running on the Arbitrum Nova network. $MOON was developed first, was unlisted on any major exchanges and only 8 months ago had a marketcap of $4,800,000. Since being listed on a major exchange (Mexc), its marketcap has exploded by 7x to $32,000,000. Brick, the newer of the two tokens, has not yet been listed on any exchanges. It seems to following the exact same process as Moon – meaning a 7x could be in its near future. With only a $4,800,000 marketcap, I believe this native Reddit community point token has huge potential.

Deflationary and Capped Supply: This is not your average shitcoin with infinite supply and zero fundamentals.

Bricks will be the currency of r/fortniteBR and other things are expected to be added other than just buying a membership and reddit coins, so a solid use case is established.

There will be a MAXIMUM 250 Million Bricks to ever be distributed with a bonding curve similar to bitcoin's mining distribution over time.

Every time a FortniteBR Sub user uses his Bricks to buy a Sub Membership these 500 Bricks get burned so the deflationary mechanism is a nice bonus.

Combine the Capped Supply with people constantly BURNING Bricks out of circulation to get the Sub Membership and you get a nice formula for success.

This means that over time people will earn less and less Bricks per month.

Ties to Fortnite: BRICK is backed by Reddit and is the community point system for r/FortniteBR. Fortnite has maintained a consistent monthly active playerbase of around 80 million, with 2021 being a peak year at 83.3 million MAPs. Fortnite has more than 390 million registered players to keep the game alive and running. According to the data provided by Active Player, in the last thirty days, the game averaged 252,600,145 peak players in a day. Around 85% of Fortnite players are aged 18 to 35.

Safe: Reddit, a privately held company, has a valuation of over $10 Billion as of 2021. Reddit has even proposed that it might be worth as high as $15 Billion in 2023. Reddit is also in the process of going public. Once this happens, I’m anticipating a lot of attention being brought to Brick and Moon.

A company of this valuation has employed a very large legal department (Google: “Reddit legal department” and scroll through results to get an idea of the size) to handle all major decisions involving risk. This extends to vetting any cryptocurrency projects it might affiliate itself with.

Since BRICK and MOON are specifically affiliated with two of Reddit’s largest subreddits, these have most certainly had countless hours of research and vetting done by numerous legal department staff. Imagine if Reddit didn’t fully vet MOON and BRICK, and something like a rugpull or exploit happened draining either of all funds. They’d be sued on a massive scale, and would likely be found liable for damages.

Thus, we can deduce that BRICK and MOON have been fully vetted, and are likely some of the safest Memecoins you could invest in today, since they are essentially backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation.


I believe $BRICK is extremely undervalued with a marketcap of just $4,800,000. This is a drop in the bucket when compared to other memecoins of years past such as Dogecoin, Safemoon and Shiba Inu. Dogecoin at its peak had a marketcap of $88.8 billion dollars. Just for comparisons sake, if $BRICK ever gets to this marketcap, you’d see a return of 18,500x your initial investment, meaning $500 invested today would turn into $9,200,000.

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