If most people weren’t in crypto for the money, then most people wouldn’t be in crypto at all.

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If most people weren’t in crypto for the money, then most people wouldn’t be in crypto at all.

In discussion money vs tech people forgot that tech that is not worth money is at best just fun fact to watch 5 minutes yt video, share it at party and then forgot forever. If crypto were just tech only biggest geeks without social life would be interested. No us in it, no celebrities, no businessmen, no big companies, no crypto ads, no adoption, only biggest tech nerds would even heard about it.

Tech without money is either dying or already dead. There are many examples of it, but me or you can't even name them, cause why we be interested in something useless? All best tech is worth crazy money: airplanes, internet, cars, computer, smartphones, social media, big pharma, electronics etc. Everything that can change world must be also good business. There are multiple examples of great tech in history that were cool, but one factor decided why they never become popular… That was money, they were not profitable enough.

Ask yourself, would you even do your irl job if you weren't paid for it? And unless you have serious problems with yourself or you do something you truly enjoy, answer for 99% of the society would be "fuck no". The same with school, people learn info just to pass exam, pass exam to get good grade and get good grades to have well paid job. It is silly to put narrative "you are in crypto just for the money" when all of us do most things in life just for 3 reasons: the money, to find a mate or to get social acceptance. Did stocks investors are in stock cause they love netflix, tesla or like to smell fuel? No they invest in things that make them money.

Exclude money and something become hobby at best, like throwing darts. Many people like throwing darts once in a while, but since it give no money, most of us do not train nor watch dart championships. Football on the other hand is loved, cause it is industry worth billions of dollars, people watch it and bet on it.

If crypto would be just tech, there would be no adoption, no hype, no love for it from society. It would be our biggest nightmare. And we can say what we want, but we call ourselves "crypto investors", aren't, we? Investors mean people that invest, not people that that don't care about money. People that love to drive sport cars buy a sport car, people that love tech behind sport car become engineers. Me or you are crypto investors, we all are here for the money. If we would love tech we would become devs/programmers or comment in Cryptography subreddit, not CryptoCurrency one. And crypto would still be like in 2009, just some unknown tech on some obscure cryptography forum in deepest part of the internet, not huge business worth hundreds of billions.

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