WARNING. Legit-Looking email from CB

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WARNING. Legit-Looking email from CB

Hey Everyone!

Be careful of an email that looks like it comes from Coinbase saying that you just sent hundreds of dollars of BTC and has a link to "Sign in to view transaction". I received one that looks like it is coming from [no-reply@coinbase.com](mailto:no-reply@coinbase.com). It says, "You just send [then it lists an amount of BTC and the US equivalent of hundreds of dollars] via Bitcoin network".

How do I know this isn't legit?? For one, I don't have hundreds of dollars worth of BTC on Coinbase. Also, minor grammar issues let me know it is also not legit.

Not sure if this is a new scam attempt after my email was leaked by a compromised used by Cointracker.

Anyhow, be careful out there and use common sense friends. This sort of email is trying to make me nervous that somebody else somehow sent my Bitcoin somewhere and the scammers expect me to click the link in panic to check out what the deal is.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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