Some more info on NFT Avatars and Marketplace buying/selling

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Some more info on NFT Avatars and Marketplace buying/selling

Some more info on NFT Avatars and Marketplace buying/selling

I thought I'd put together something as I've written a basic NFT contract before and have a decent understanding of the space just to help people who are interested. I know there's a lot of posts already (and people who don't care about NFTs are probably getting annoyed…) but I answered a few questions for people and thought I'll put it all in a post.

NFT Details

If you hover (or tap on mobile) on a Reddit username you will see this popup for users who have an NFT avatar active:

From here you can click the Details button to see additional info about the NFT.

On this page you can scroll down on the right to see the 3 buttons I've highlighted.

View on Explorer will take you to the Polygon explorer where you can see the on-chain details about the NFT like when it was minted, links to the contract, the Tx hash just like any other blockchain transaction.

View on IPFS will take you to a copy of image itself which is just a combination of all the traits you get to mix and match when you go to 'style avatar' on Reddit.

IPFS Metadata will show you the raw JSON data for the traits associated with that NFT. It's actually kinda cool cause you can see the names of each trait if you're curious about what they are supposed to be.


The NFTs are minted on the Polygon chain and can be bought/sold on any site that supports Polygon but obviously OpenSea is the biggest.

If you search 'Reddit collectible avatars' on OpenSea you'll see them all ([query]=reddit%20collectible%20avatars)

From there you can add additional search terms like 'Meme Team' etc.. and if you click the filter button you can select 'Buy Now' or 'On Auction' to get an idea of prices people are currently asking for.

You can also select 'Has Offers' which is a better way to see actual prices for the NFTs. Obviously people can charge whatever they want in the auctions so seeing an NFT with an auction price of 5 ETH has no bearing on whether they're actually selling for that price. However, under 'Has Offers' they are real offers people have made (offers are made in Polygon ETH) on an NFT and if the owner accepts that it will go through and the funds held will be transferred to the seller.

This is (at time of writing) the only NFT avatar with a current offer I can find:

So that's .12 Polygon ETH at a value of ~$200 USD, which I personally think is a little high.. but we'll see what happens when the dust settles on this AirDrop.


If you go into 'Style Avatar' on desktop, click 'You' and under 'Your Stuff' click the NFT, then click 'View Details', you'll see a slightly different version of that second screenshot above which has a 'Transfer' button that's currently locked. That will let you send the NFT to your personal wallet once it's unlocked.

Edit 2.

Until the desktop transfer gets activated the only way to list your NFT on OpenSea is to use your recovery phrase (which you can get on the mobile app from your vault) and you configure MetaMask with that recovery phrase.

Click the MetaMask extension icon and in the top right click the dropdown to switch to Polygon network and you will be able to view the NFT under MetaMask Assets.

Once you've done that you can connect that wallet on OpenSea and access the NFT in that wallet. (thanks for the answers!)

Happy to answer any questions in the comments too. Good luck Redditors, may all your trades be fair and your traits be rare!

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