ETH vs BSC: Centralized vs Decentralized

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ETH vs BSC: Centralized vs Decentralized

First of all, i really like ETH and I own it as well as NFTs on ETH but…

I understand and agree with the decentralized aspect of Bitcoin and I believe money should be decentralized…however…as time goes on, I’m less convinced that smart chains like Ethereum require this level of centralization, or that it is even desirable.

Binance Smart Chain is way more efficient and easily understandable than Ethereum. I feel their centralized nature makes them more likely to be able to adapt and evolve faster than Ethereum too. Unless these coins want to become a global reserve treasury asset like Bitcoin, I see no reason they cannot be controlled by a company like Binance or even Meta.

What are your thoughts? Why does ETH need to be decentralized and how can it compete with BSC over time?

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