running staking node question

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running staking node question

so, if i understand it correctly, if you want to run staking node you need to be online 24/7 for one whole year uninterupted to get 5% reward and you need 32eth for that or how much it was.

the ammount of the Ethereum needed is really big but that can be solved with pools.

but the fact running node is this complicated and you get only 5% per year… wont that deteriorate most miners? like i dont think you need all of them but wont the network end up short of miners? also how does the lack of miners affect price? cuz thats another factor that would deteriorte more people cuz there will be news like "Ethereum quickly loosing value, its dead" and bs like that.

and by complicated i mean that you can't just download mining program and do whatever you want whenever you want. yeah, you need gear, but then you are free (and most ppl got gpu for games). now you need to be really careful not to disconnect. you cant move that thing for a year cuz it has to stay plugged in or you loose all profits and there is high risk it will disconnect for reasons you cant affect like power outage or internet company fucking up.

i know its not about profits, thats prop why such little reward and such easy way to loose the reward but still.

if i said something wrong plz correct me, ty

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