Decentralization vs. Vitalik obsession

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Decentralization vs. Vitalik obsession

Hi everybody,

I am a big fan of ethereum and a proud holder of it. Although I like other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, solana etc., ethereum is completely different to me because of its elite community, decentralization, and technology. I say elite because the community is highly teaching and the discussions are quite in-depth. I learn a lot although I am not from the crypto area.

On the other hand, ethereum people do not like other cryptos too much because of understandable reasons like centralization. However, there is a big love for Vitalik (images, arts, news.). Although, I totally understand that he is quite successful, isn't this contradicting the decentralization motto? By the way, I am aware that popularity and mass adoption have some side effects on every community. Also, loving Vitalik and being decentralized are quite different things, but conceptually I would expect that a community, who is a big fan of decentralization, is obsessed with technology and nothing else.

I am hoping to catch attention of old ethereum people. Sorry in advance if you find this opinion aggressive against the community, but I am quite curious about it.

To quickly prove this:
Is Bitcoin's Taproot upgrade a threat to Ethereum? this post got 43 upvotes which includes curiosity and encourage learning and there are quality responses below.

To not name the other posts, please check the Vitalik* related posts which probably have over 300+ upvotes and the price-related talks.

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