I invested $2,500 in Sept 2017, here are the results.

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I invested $2,500 in Sept 2017, here are the results.

I didn't know too much about crypto at the time of buying them. I didn't do any trading or anything, just bought, and let it sit in my wallet. I just figured if I bought anything, the prices would eventually go up.

I had this money sitting in my bank account for years and it was doing nothing for me. Just the peace of mind that it was there and I could use it whenever I wanted. Years and years went by and never touched it, so I decided to try and be an adult and invest it in something. Here's how it went.

Coin Price Per Coin Investment Value Today Profit Value if sold at ATH
ETH $244.81 $500 $4,367.31 $3,867.31 $8,898.72
IOTA $.59 $500 $576.12 $76.12 >! $4,449.15 !<
XMR $12.85 $500 $7,695.71 $7,195.71 >! $21,102.34 !<
OMG $10.67 $500 $175.35 – $324.65 >! $1,200.56 !<
ARK $2.93 $500 $155.29 – $344.71 >! $1,744.03 !<
TOTAL $2,500 $10,469 >! $37,394.80 !<

As you can see, my investments overall did pretty well. If I had just let this sit in my bank account, it would be worth like a few dollars more than what I started with.

I bought OMG and ARK because they were being super-shilled in this sub and at the time I didn't know any better. I thought this sub was the end-all-be-all of crypto (lmao).

IOTA was being shilled too, but the transactions are instant and free so I figured that would blow up… it kinda did when it went to $5, but not much after that. Not sure why it didn't blow up.

I bought XMR just because it does what BTC says it does and the community has interesting people/discussions as well. Most of it is over my head though.

Keep in mind, I held through two bull cycles, lost 70% on two investments, and I'm still up about 400% overall. There's no need to be stressed out guy, just hold for the long-term and you'll be aight.

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