On the way to 1k Raven coin Mined!

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On the way to 1k Raven coin Mined!

Just started mining with my gaming desktop with 2 * RTX 3060, roughly 80 Ravens very 24 hours, not bad. I have been mining raven for round 2 weeks on and off, currently got 888 coins, not bad.

I have a feeling that RVN will go BIG one day, and my target is to accumulate 100K RVN for my retirement 🙂

I also mine other coin and convert to RVN right after payout, but hey, it feels so good to mine RVN myself.

I will HDOL till 2026, current price is 0.06 USD. Let's revisit this post 5 years later, and then congrats me for my financial independency.

Target: 100K RVN

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