How “influencers” have scammed their followers out of millions.

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How “influencers” have scammed their followers out of millions.

Let's look at some of the cases of influencers shilling shitcoins. I would link more tweets but they've all been deleted. Still, let's get into this:

  • Banksocial – Promoted by Faze Banks on May 27 after which it peaked at high of around $0.000015 and has since fallen to $0.000000647. Another member, Faze Kay, was also involved (just as he will be in another scam).
  • MILF Token – Promoted by Twitch streamer Adinross (4.4m followers). Clip Here. Three weeks later he then went on to say he only did it for the money and "hoped" none of his fans bought into it. If one of Ross' fans invested $100 in MILF Token during his stream, they would have approximately $5.80 today.
  • Titscoin – On April 30, Tana Mongeau posted a video to her Instagram Stories telling people how her stake in this coin bought her a Rollsroyce and that they should get theirs now. If you invested $100 on the day Mongeau claimed her Titscoin investment resulted in the purchase of a Rolls Royce, you would have approximately $0.0000000000000000001664 today. Faze Kay also promoted this coin.
  • Save The Kids Token – This has made headlines recently and guess who was involved? You're right Faze Kay. He along with other members of the Faze clan and people like RiceGum promoted the launch of this token acting as "ambassadors". Save the Kids hit as high as $0.04 on launch day. Just hours after that high, it tanked. If you invested $100 in Save the Kids on launch day, it would be worth around $3.39 today.

Other Examples:

  • Mark Cuban promoting TITAN. It fell from an ATH of $65 to now somewhere near $0.0000008907 (edit: users have said this wasn’t really a scam)
  • Jake Paul Among others promoting scam coins. Link.
  • Another list of examples

There is honestly way too many of these influencers who don't care about consequences as long as they get their money. Remember their names, remember their faces, we may be bearish now but as soon as things change, they'll be back.

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