The people who call Algorand centralized don’t know how it works.

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The people who call Algorand centralized don’t know how it works.

Algorand’s core technology revolves around algorithmic randomness. It chooses 1 random token in circulation to be the block proposer. Then, 1,000 random tokens are chosen to approve the proposer’s block or deny it if it’s deemed malicious. This happens every ~4 seconds that will soon go to every ~2 seconds.

The nodes only lay the communication roads (I believe). If the internet was disconnected between continents, the system will go in a lockdown mode and prevent any wallets from losing funds. A safety feature that does not exist in most other blockchains.

I am not the wisest when it comes to blockchain so if I am wrong please correct me.


I also believe the many security protocols and consensus methods make it the perfect contender for actual global economic uses. No 1 location or group control mining pools (recently found out BTC has a mining pool responsible for >51% hashing). Nobody with super beefed up hardware can just pull up and have the “nothing to lose everything to gain” malicious mentality.

The biggest flex is its 0% downtime since launch. Not 1 failed transaction since its launch. This is also very assuring for CBDC implementation. The room for error has to be very small or nonexistent.

The only way Algorand can be taken down is if somebody like the Joker becomes a multi-billionaire and wants to burn their money and fault the Algorand system. Even then it’s pretty damn difficult to do so.

I can already smell the few comments calling me a “shill” and to that I answer back with a question, what do we do on r/cryptocurrency to begin with? It’s to talk about currencies.

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