Dude, where’s our full nodes?

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Dude, where’s our full nodes?

So I myself have been running a full node for close to a year now, and while I was driving home from work late one night, the idea hit me.

We do not want to be masternodes, where we earn rewards by operating the node and staking coin. The project was built with one of the main ideas being no masternodes. Majority of us that run full nodes just do it for the love of the community, and the hope of strengthening the overall network of the project with these nodes. However, in total, from what is actively displayed on ravennodes, to those hidden behind firewalls, I assume there are about 1,000 nodes in the community. Our reddit community itself is approaching close to 50,000 members.

I am totally willing to help anyone and everyone that has interest in launching a full node on any platform in the process of getting the node up. However, some users may steer away from the idea of running a full node because it doesn't really offer much of a current reward other than network strength. My proposition is…..

The Ravennode Lottery. ….What is this?

Well, on average, the RVN network hits approximately one block per minute, meaning in the span of 24 hours, the potential to hit 1,440 blocks is there, daily. Perhaps one block a day be allocated for use in the proposed "Ravennodes lottery", where the wallet addresses of running RVN nodes are entered daily, or collected from node/daemon/raven-cli data, and entered into a daily drawing for one block, which will be rewarded to one of the current ravennodes addresses of the day. This would also imply the effect of more nodes being brought out from behind firewalls, and onto the nodes map, as to participate.

Just a thought, but if the top seven pools on the network donated one block a day, that covers a whole weeks worth of the lottery rewards. I currently as a pool dev would even be willing to do this myself as my hashrates increases. Perhaps the blockchain itself could donate one block a day from mined rewards.

Please correct me on anything and everything if I am wrong, as we are all still learning with technology, but as someone that has been working with this project for a while now, and from the input of others in the project I have asked so far, we like the idea because it keeps us from being masternodes, we can all still run nodes out of love, but it sweetens the pot, and attracts new node runners, in turn increasing the network security.

One other option I would like to present with this, is the fact that whoever wins the daily block can make several choices, but the option lies to donate the whole block back out of love for the coin, donate a partial bit back, divide the block by the number of node runners that day and reward each one, or pocket it personally if times are rough and they need the block. Their block to make that choice with! I am one of the folks that would be willing to at least split the block up if not donate it back. It leaves the option to run a node out of love, but still makes the pot a whole lot sweeter for both old and new node runners.

Please vote and tell me what you think! Sorry this was so long winded, just wanted to lay it out in an easy to understand matter. None of the options below are meant to sound mean, rather just a little humor. Neutral opinions are totally acceptable, as I am genuinely curious how many people stand in that boat! Comments are also greatly welcomed and appreciated, as all suggestions and input are valid, even in negative connotations!

Also as a side note, I will be constructing a selling RVN themed, 3D printed, fully constructed, 8GB Ram raspberry pi 4B's, bearing a debugged, elite version of RavencoinOS I am currently gathering the resources to start construction on, loaded onto a 256GB microSD if not larger, so that users can also work with the IPFS cluster that raven has available. I am working on something you could call ravennodes shop, where rather than going through the hard work yourself, someone else has done it for you. I am also working on buidling a youtube page where I show the install and setup process, as well as other functionalities with raven on the several OS's available in today's tech world. This will allow there to be more resources out there for those that need help with setup, because I remember trying to set my first node up. I'm always here, day or night, message me or comment any time!

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