I mentioned my crypto hodlings on a date, and the results were not what I expected…

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I mentioned my crypto hodlings on a date, and the results were not what I expected…

About a month ago, I started dating a really nice, smart girl from one of the apps. Everything was going so well. We shared a common taste in music, movies, memes… and had conversations that went on for hours. I felt like her political leanings were really similar to mine, and we often talked about movements we supported and how the world could change for the better.

Naturally, that led to us ultimately talking about crypto. She was not very familiar with it, and had bought most of the media FUD about bitcoin being a scam, etc. She generally associated it with maximalists living on private islands, dishonesty, money laundering, whatever. But when I told her about what it was doing to help people in developing countries separate from their fiat currencies controlled by dictatorships, or allowing people who couldn't access bank accounts to save money, she started to see things differently.

Then the question came up. So… do you have any bitcoin? I wasn't going to lie. I said yeah. I have some Ether too and a few other coins. I explained to the best of my abilities the differences between ETH, BTC, and some of the Layer 2s and DeFi coins.

I honestly was very nervous the whole time. I thought I was about to get dumped. Here I was talking all this nerdy finance shit to a woman who had previously thought crypto was only for the worst kinds of nerds. Or worse, maybe she would go off and invest in some DOGE and get slaughtered, then blame me like all the other stories on here. Or maybe she'd give me a hard time for my investments not doing so well, you know, the classic "so I heard the price PLUMMETED" jabs.

But you know what? She didn't seem to care at all about the price of crypto, or whether or not I'd make a lot of money. She just thought it was kinda cool that I was participating in this experiment that could revolutionize the global economy, and I think she really started to understand the value. She said she wasn't going to risk her own savings on it, but respected me for trying. I didn't say anything about amounts.

I think much of that is owed to her being a reasonable person. But a lot of it is also because I started to explain crypto first from a social justice perspective, second from a technological perspective, and third from an investment perspective. It's NOT just a scheme to make more fiat. It's a new paradigm that will help people and advance technology. That's what makes crypto magical.

TL;DR – Mentioning crypto participation can actually pan out really well sometimes if you go about it in the right way. It's not just about pumping profits. Remember, this is about economic freedom and fairness too!

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