Creating asset which would pay dividends in ravencoin

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Creating asset which would pay dividends in ravencoin


Im curious how many people would invest in asset that would pay dividends based on mined ravencoin from my mining operation, currently around 250mh/s. Not entirely sure how I would execute it but I need to know if there is enough demand, so I know if I should put up the work to make such project, which would be kinda time consuming because I would be doing it on my own.

The idea is creating an asset, most likely with hard cap, that would pay certain % from the price of the token in ravencoin monthly. most of the money that would be collected for the tokens would go into mining equipment, some would sit in the wallet in case of ravencoin price action. Reinvesting in mining equipment would be quite aggresive but the dividends could grow as the farm would grow.

Any questions, ideas or any feedback is appreciated. Keep in mind this is just and idea and I would need to figure out how to make it profitable for both sides, since I am paying for part of the electricity from my paycheck and part from ravencoin profits.

Thanks for feedback.

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