Best AMD Miner For Ravencoin?

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Best AMD Miner For Ravencoin?

Hey guys I’m relatively new to mining. I’ve started mining raven a couple of weeks ago with my rx 570. With some OC’s I was able to push the card to 13.5-15 MH/s in TeamRedMiner.

However, recently I’ve bought a vega 56 and sat it mining ergo in TeamRedMiner. So I needed to switch the 570 into another miner. The problem is whatever miner I use (with same OC’s), I can’t exceed 10 MH/s!

Currently I’m using NBMiner and getting around 9MH/s.

Any help getting back that 14MH/s in any other miner than TRM?

Also, is 13.5-15MH/s is the max I can get from this gpu?

*I’m using hiveos

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