The hardcap of 250 million moons will never be reached

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The hardcap of 250 million moons will never be reached

Many of us (myself included) assumed that distribution would continue until the hardcap was reached, but this is incorrect. The monthly distribution is on a predetermined schedule that drops a fixed 2.5% each round and doesn’t take claim activity into account, and all claims expire after 6 months.

Two users (u/iNstein u/mellon98) recently reached out on this issue so we asked the admins for clarification. They confirmed unclaimed moons are considered permanently lost and will never re-enter orbit or count towards total supply. Because of this the theoretical supply cap of 250 million will never be hit.

Currently ~45 million moons have gone unclaimed. The circulating supply is close to 65 million but the total available to claim at this point is ~110 million.

Shoutout to u/IHaventEvenGotADog for noticing the discrepancy in this post with detailed spreadsheets three months ago. +250 moons for your effort

I’m going to use this opportunity to propose we refer to the circulating supply of moons as the “orbiting supply”

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