Perspective from someone who actually “lost it all.”

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Perspective from someone who actually “lost it all.”

Yeah, I’m not talking about money. As some on this sub know, I’m a widower. Lost the wife in a car accident going on 6 years. I know most people don’t like to “get real” on Reddit, but here we are. Anyway, I can’t stress this enough; no amount of planning can prepare you for what the universe has in store. I used to obsess over money; scrimping and saving and attempting to squeeze every cent. My dad worked 70 hours a week to fund my moms awful boomer shopping addict habits, and watching that, and the stress it caused him, permanently altered the way I looked at money.

My wife was an artist. She made little bits here and there, but her dream, our dream, was to publish a book. I’m actually writing the final version, the one we were working on, when she passed. Took a long, long time for me to pick it back up. Once I finally get there, my life goals will be complete.

I added a ton of stress to the woman of my dreams (I called her that when she was alive as well) because everything was about money. Thinking back, I invested a lot, much of it planning to live our dreams and travel the world and what not.

Somewhere along the way of surviving her loss, I got into crypto. Bought my first BTC in July 2017. Have continued to add in bits and pieces ever since. I see a lot of people in this sub talking about how they have “yolo’ed” into X shitcoin or even quality projects without their partner knowing. I hope a few of them are reading this.

there is a reason they say don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Is the prospect of massive riches (and an unlikely prospect at that) worth risking you partner, your family, if you are wrong? I think more people should consider this when investing in crypto, no matter the potential upside.

I have many regrets about not spending more time with the person I wanted to spend my life with, but one of my biggest regrets is not having been able to find the balance in seeking riches and financial security, and these days I wish I had her balanced inputs and support in this hobby/ investment plan. She was very level headed, and also saw the good in me I usually don’t.

Never forget, it’s only money guys.

If it’s shits and giggles money, go for it. Life is short. But if that first year alone taught me anything, it’s that i would have traded every cent I ever saved to spend one more day with her. And I would have traded that day for her to have 5 more minutes with her kids.

Sorry for the sob story. I’m remarried with 5 kids now (life does go on!). Have very little time for socializing, and sometimes it’s just nice to write.

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