RVN Army – Phase 0

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RVN Army – Phase 0

Hi Ravens,

Based on the poll results, we are going to put a few things in motion for anyone that's interested. Keep in mind the initiatives below are being done to provide support to Ravencoin, and I'll be volunteering my time and energy.

  1. RVN Swag – I have a friend that owns a clothing/promo business, and he can get us shirts and other items just over his cost. Last time we had a batch made, it came out to around $15 per shirt for low quantities, and can get closer to $10 for a larger order. Drop your shirt size in the comments if you're interested in ordering and I'll have him mock up some examples before going live with an oppty to purchase some RVN gear.
  2. Mining Help – I have a close friend that runs a large mining operation full time and has offered to help anyone with setup, maintenance, trouble shooting, etc – $20/hr for more complicated needs. If you guys have basic (less than an hour) needs, shoot me a DM and I'll help you for free. This could be looking at overclocks, helping connect GPU's, review purchases before you buy something, etc.
  3. RVN Newsletter – This is in the works but we need help! Mostly bc this will not generate any profit and would take a considerable amount of time. Anyone that feels like they could contribute a column or piece please reach out to me. We are shooting for a monthly newsletter with updates for investors, miners, and developers.

Guys, I'm excited to get some of these things kicked off. Again, the goal here is to build a Ravencoin community that helps and supports each other and isn't focused on making money, but instead has a direct interest in furthering Ravencoin.

Also, I am one man trying to make something happen, so any input, advice, or help is appreciated.

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