21 Accounts received maximum karma for Moons this month. Let’s see how they did it.

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21 Accounts received maximum karma for Moons this month. Let’s see how they did it.

I did this a while ago and people seemed to get a kick out of it. It's best done on the day of the snapshot. Go to a user's profile and sort by "top" and then "month" to see what earned them karma for that month.

15,000 karma is the cap, which in this distribution is 4,560 Moons. That equates to $376.54 in today's prices.

The latest distribution snapshot is here:


Rank Method
1 A couple good link posts and several high-rated comments
2 High volume of comments, top ones up to +150
3 A few top comments that hit the 1,000 karma cap. Lots of other high rated helpful / interesting content
4 A couple top comments and a lot of daily discussion posts
5 A couple quite well upvoted comments and a lot with +50 – this guy seems pretty agreeable ;')
6 I'm gonna call this man "Captain Reddit" because he frequently gets top comments in several subreddits
7 I think this user might have been responsible for the recent reminder that upvote solicitation is not allowed..
8 A couple whopping front page links and several top comments maxing karma limits.
9 Lots of highly rated comments
10 Has about 30 highly-rated links, mostly about Elon & Doge.
11 Lots of top comments and high-rated comments, averaging around 150-200 karma per. Wowzarooni
12 Again lots of top comments, and possibly one of the sassiest posts I've seen on this reddit.
13 A few high rated comments and lots of low-rated ones
14 Same as above
15 Same as above
16 I think we have a contender to Captain reddit here!
17 Lots of top comments & some sage advice
18 Huge volume of low rated comments and Gif spam aplenty. Pretty much all in the Daily Discussion thread
19 Same as above but with less GIFs
20 Quite a few top rated links and helpful self-posts and an average smattering of 50 karma comments
21 Lots of links. LOTS of GIFs

So that's that then, quite a change from the last time I did this where easily the top way to earn max karma was to post links. Now it seems like only 3/21 accounts managed to get there with links.

By far the most common method of maxing karma appears to be dropping in a few decent comments in threads. Another change from last time I did this was there were a lot less comedy-oriented comments. Being genuinely helpful or offering a hot take on the industry seems the best method for success in the Jun-July period.

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