Here’s a list of ways of making passive income from your cryptos ( that I’m aware of )

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Here’s a list of ways of making passive income from your cryptos ( that I’m aware of )

  • Staking. Can be done at major exchanges ( Binance, Kraken etc ) but safer to do it on the token's native wallet or wallets that you have the private keys to. ( Algorand wallet for Algo, Yoroi/Daedalus/ Exodus wallet for ADA and many more )."Not your keys, not your wallets" – Aantonop

  • Lending. You let centralized financed apps ( Cefi ) such as Blockfi, Nexo, Celcius or AAVE ( which is Defi or decentralized finance ) hold your cryptos and they'll give you interests over time. Most profitable when lending in stablecoins where they can get up to 12% on Nexo ( 8% base + 2% by having 10% of ur total holdings in NEXO tokens + 2% for having NEXO tokens as the rewards )Note, you could also receive some free MATIC by lending on AAVE but their lending interests are fairly low compared to other lenders ( For USDC, you'll get 2.09% on AAVE but you could get up to 12% and 8.88% on Nexo and Celcius respectively )

  • Brave browser. You could argue that this is not passive income as you are actively searching up things on the internet but this is something we all do ( I assume, we all here are frequent internet users ) on a daily basis and we don't even actively think about it. Hell, we could make BATs when watching YouTube videos so it's definitely a win. Currently have a total of 3 BATs combined on my laptop and my PC. Highly recommended

  • Liquidity mining? I must admit, my knowledge in this area is certainly lacking and take my words with a grain of salt as I've lost value ( my 'share' price has dropped a dollar or two but I haven't sold ) but nevertheless, I get to collect a couple of cents worth of BNB/USDT/XRPS/LINKS every morning ( so could you ) after I wake up which rejuvenates my mind a little. Mind you, I use Binance for liquidity mining.

In conclusion,

If you have POS based cryptos ( ADA,ALGO, DOT, VET, ATOM, NEO, SOL ) = STAKE them

If you have stablecoins ( USDT ( ew ), USDc, DAI, ) = HODL them in either a CeFi/ DeFI lending services

All in all, I am still a crypto noob on my long and perilous journey to become a crypto chad so forgive me if I have made a mistake or two, If you have any other ways to make passive income via cryptos pls comment below as I too would like a piece of that tasty pie of knowledge.

Toddle – loo ✌️,

Double A

edit: Usdc – spelling error

And don't forget ur moons! ty u/Arsa3108 for reminding me!

2nd edit: thank you u/anykeyh for explaining Liquidity in greater depth. Here's what he wrote in the comment section that I feel like should've been integrated into the post in the first place.


LP is for long game.

I won't recommend unless you have a long-term holding strategy, and only for pairs you know will succeed in the long run or you might get a lot of loss.

ETH/BTC, DAI/BUSD are some of the safest pairs. STABLE/UNSTABLE are ok as long as the market goes sideway like the last 2 months.
ETH/VET or ETH/THETA are great for sideway market, as chart of those alt-coins tends to be coupled but with different volatily (making it the perfect LP scenario).

If you want to play it safe, PAXG + Nexo is great; the token PAXG is just an ounce of gold-backed by real gold, and Nexo offers 5% on it.
Seems for me as safe as possible yet offer good ROI.


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