Raven to The Moon? RVN earns me SpaceX Ticket?

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Raven to The Moon? RVN earns me SpaceX Ticket?

You've got to get people interest in Raven Coin. *It needs users not just miners. You have to sell RavenCoin as an idea to people. *Talk to people about it. Give it shout outs. Tell people about the project. -Give a few Raven Coin away. -I told my buddy to get a RVN address and then I mined direct to it for a couple days. Now he went out and got some more.

IDK much, but I do know people have to use the crypto for it to have value.

POS kills GPU miners Quarter 2 of 2022. ( we will see ) Where are these miners going to go? They are going to go where it is most profitable.

Right now with like 8 months until Q2 2022….. two camps are forming like mitosis.

Camp Alpha: Ravencoin miners Camp Beta: Ergos miners

Miners are going to be tempted to go where the money is. Some miners feel that they saw Ergo beating Raven on WHAT TO MINE website and have fallen in love with Ergo.

However, for me, the earning difference between Ergo and Raven are not significant enough, and Ergo doesn't always beat out Raven.

Raven needs access to liquefy Raven for Fiat. If that can happen, there is a real chance Raven could be adapted more. That is where you come in. Push Raven Coin.

I'm mining Ethereum for 4 days and then 1 day of mining Raven. I just keep alternating like that. (Truth is, I forget I'm mining sometimes and days go by)

Looking deeper into Ergo, I'm not so sure about the project. I still see Raven having a much larger potential.

Not financial advice of course.

They say "Ware Lambo?" I say "Ware SpaceX Ticket?"

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