Techlead (youtuber with 1.1+ million subscribers) is a scammer – MillionToken (MM) – Evidence

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Techlead (youtuber with 1.1+ million subscribers) is a scammer – MillionToken (MM) – Evidence

Techlead, the "Ex-Google/Facebook Tech Lead, YouTuber (1M subscribers), multi-millionaire app entrepreneur, digital nomad" is another one you should not trust.

Here's how he is scamming his community, telling them to buy his new coin while he dumps on them This is his address: You know it's him because it's the same wallet that minted the initial 1M MM.

Transaction where he mints the 1M tokens:

From here he starts by adding liquidity in uni v2 and v3, small amounts per transaction, maybe he's trying make it look natural

ie. V3:

July 1st he posts the first youtube video: July 2nd he starts rugging liquidity while telling his community and followers to buy because it's going "to the moon".

By removing liquidity and not selling, he's effectively selling without 'selling'. This way he doesn't have to tell the community that he sold while they all bought, he just has to hold his initial promise of keeping 1m of usdc liquidity

He even holds all the liquidity in a 1% fee position so he can syphon out 1% of all the volume!

In total he has his uni liquidity + 1m USDC extracted so far

This is outright theft

I'm pro defi, community should call it out when we can, don't need law enforcement but this guy is cutting himself close:

  • California citizen
  • Doxxed
  • Clearly a security
  • All actions on chain
  • Telling people do 1 thing as he does another

In short, he literally rugs his own community (as a millionaire). There are legal implication for this.

Research done by dcfgod. All credit to him

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