Creating “patterns” is a good way to trick the retail investor out of their cash/crypto.

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Creating “patterns” is a good way to trick the retail investor out of their cash/crypto.

Humans are pattern-seeking animals. We are the best animal on earth at being able to identify patterns. This works both to our advantage and to our detriment. While we'll see patterns correctly most of the time, we will also identify patters that are non-existent or manufactured.

For example, earlier this year DOGE pumped from 1 cent to 8 cents on a tweet from Elon Musk on the subject. Let's say that I'm a friend of Elon and I ask him to tweet about DOGE at a specific time. All our friends have their trigger fingers on the buy button knowing that Elon is going to make this tweet.

Elon tweets, DOGE moons 800%, and everyone assumes that it is retail interest due to the tweet from Elon Musk, even though it was manufactured the buying volume was planned.

Doge cools off, goes to about 4 cents, the group gets together and plans another tweet to create more interest. Fingers on the buy button to generate buy pressure. Elon makes the tweet and they smash buy.

The pattern has been set. People now assume that Elon Musk tweet = DOGE goes up. Now's the fucked up part. Elon Musk gets a spot on SNL. They're letting you in on the secret this time. You're getting knowledge of something much bigger than a simple tweet. If you're going by the pattern, DOGE is going to explode.

You buy a shit-ton of DOGE, SNL happens, and there is 0 buy pressure because the guys that were buying during the last tweets are no longer buying. Since the expected buy pressure is not there, sell pressure takes over and DOGE dumps.

If everyone is talking about a specific time/date something is going to go up in price, you can safely assume that it won't. Don't let people who understand basic human response trick you out of your money and crypto.

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