Bounty Alert! Who wants to win some RVN? 500 RVN GIVEAWAY!!!

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Bounty Alert! Who wants to win some RVN? 500 RVN GIVEAWAY!!!

I hope everyone is having a good day. After my last post about creating an asset I wanted to thank everyone that responded and figured it was time to do a follow up. This competition is open to anyone and the rules will be outlined below. The most important part is I will be giving away 500 RVN split between the top 3 contestants with 1st place getting 250 RVN 2nd place getting 150 RVN and 3rd place getting 100 RVN. If we have over 20 videos submitted I will double the bounty! What do you have to do to win?

Create a video and post it online documenting the steps to create an atomic swap for an asset using Raven Trader Pro and The video must be a step by step video showing the entire process from beginning to end and be clear and easy to understand. The end of submissions will be 7/10/2021 at 5 PM EST. Limit 1 video per person. To submit a video just post a link in your reply to this post. After all videos have been submitted I will create a new post that has each video in it along with a wallet address for each individual video. The community will vote on which video they deem best by sending the sub-asset GOLDDRAGGON/COPPERPENNY to the wallet address of the video or videos they like best. The winners will be determined by how many Copperpenny are in the wallet address at the end of voting. Anyone can vote. All you need to do is post up a wallet address as a response to this post and I will send over 10 Copperpenny. I will also be sending over 10,000 Gold Dragon. You vote with the Copperpenny. The Gold Dragon can be used to create the atomic swap if you do not currently have any assets. I will not be voting or making a video. I am not involved with or the Raven Trader Pro tool.

The goal of this is to educate people on atomic swaps and to have some fun. I also wanted to test out the concept of using Ravencoin as a voting mechanism. I think I have covered most of the rules but if I missed anything I am open to suggestions. No rule changes will be made after 7/6/2021 at 5 PM EST so if there is something you think should be changed speak up soon. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day!

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