My Dad is still skeptical on cryptocurrency. However…

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My Dad is still skeptical on cryptocurrency. However…

TL;DR – My dad gave me $500 “seed money” (I’m already his seed) and said he wants to see if I can grow it to pay for my family to visit him and my Mom in Hawaii.

He visited today and we talked for a while. He saw my computer setup and asked what it was all for: 160tb for Chia and 2 GPU’s for ETH.

He laughed. “So are you even yet?” I am. He said “I’ll tell you what. I want to have my grandkids visit sometime. So he messaged me $500. He said: “If you can grow this to pay for your tickets, come on out. If you lose it, no worries.” (We already come out every summer, my wife and I have good jobs)

So. Challenge accepted.

I open this up to my peeps on Reddit.

What do you think I should do?

I have well into 5 figures in crypto already, but I always enjoy learning more and have read some really good perspectives on this sub over the years (in crypto since 2016). My day job is running project management teams, so I will happily track this on spreadsheets for everyone.

The best idea I’ll make happen. And as a stretch goal if we will give the additional proceeds to a charity doing most excellent work of the wise peep’s choice, in their name.

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