You will always be “too late”

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You will always be “too late”

It's almost a meme at this point to say that we are all early, but it's also very common to see people saying they wish they could have gotten in sooner.

I'm too late, I could have gotten BTC when it was only $1000!

I'm too late, I could have gotten ETH at $200!

And so on. Even our beloved/reviled moons are susceptible. There is a post today lamenting how they could have gotten 46k moons a year ago for one post.

And it's never going to end, you'll always be "too late" to buy or sell. Which leads me to my advice for those feeling the reverse FOMO or hesitant to jump in, you can't control your situation, only how you react to it. Don't let missed gains cause you to miss even more waiting for that perfect moment.

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