PORT Network Creates a Decentralized Marketplace to Meet All the Computational Power Requirements

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PORT Network Creates a Decentralized Marketplace to Meet All the Computational Power Requirements

The advancement in science and technology has created the need for increased computing power in almost all industry segments. Few specialized sectors like pharmaceuticals, AI, 3D image processing, IoT and Deep Learning stand out with their need for high bandwidth, which is technologically as well as economically restrictive for any single entity to own. On the other hand, personal computing devices are no longer a novelty and almost everyone in today’s world has in their possession excess computing power than they are going to need.

PORT Network is a blockchain project that is working on facilitating optimal use of available computing resources. It offers computational power on tap, by enabling individuals and businesses to share their unused bandwidth. The PORT Network is the first of its kind dApp to bring together Cloud and Volunteer computing, along with a sound token-driven economic model for the benefit of all participants.

As a participant in the PORT Network, individuals and businesses can monetize their computers by selling the idle CPU power and storage space against remuneration in PORT tokens. The native utility of the PORT Network, PORT can be redeemed within the ecosystem or traded against other cryptocurrencies on leading exchanges.

Not the First,  but Definitely Different

The concept of sharing computational power is not new as there are many fine examples of such systems. Among the most successful ones is the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) – an initiative by the University of California, Berkeley which has enabled the community to contribute the processing power towards research in various fields including the SETI project. However, such projects miss the incentive models that could only be made possible by the use of blockchain technology. PORT Network fits right in this gap with a robust P2P ecosystem that is open for anyone to participate and earn.

Apart from providing access to affordable, on-demand computational power, PORT Network is also environment friendly. It promotes optimal use of existing computing resources to significantly reduce the carbon footprint and e-waste generation, which are otherwise unavoidable.

Explaining the benefits of PORT Network, CEO  Janusz Siuda said, “Sustainable energy is the future. The PORT Network utilizes unused computing power. This gives consumers both the extra power when needed but also helps to create an environment-friendly ecosystem.”

The Ongoing PORT Token sale

PORT Network is preparing to launch its software later this year. The project is currently holding a token sale, offering 50 million i.e., 50% of the maximum 100 million PORT to the crypto community. The token sale will be held until Q4 2021 or till the hard cap of $22.5 million is met, whichever is earlier. Soon, PORT will be listed on leading centralized and decentralized exchanges to make it easily accessible to the community.

Learn more about PORT Network at – www.portnetwork.io