Why I love mining Raven when other Coins are more profitable.

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Why I love mining Raven when other Coins are more profitable.

As the title states, I've come to love the Raven community after finding out about raven through a couple friends. I had just started getting into mining on my personal computer (EVGA 1080 & RX580), and needed help setting up my rig and tuning in the clocks. I tried reaching out on some other communities and either got hassled for not having a crazy setup or was just ignored in all the clamor.

Almost every Raven Pool discord I have joined has been super helpful and supportive. The one I am currently in Minerpool.org was super active, and everyone there was not only there for the 'profits' but also the sense of community. I mean, granted the payouts are nice, since they do ppts (basically they pay out even if we don't find a block, you get ~1.4-1.75 rvn/MH/24) but I felt genuinely welcome there. People sending each other some SCAMCOINS, helping each other troubleshoot rigs and just helping people get involved in mining. People from all parts of the world just trying to help each other out.

Yes I love the technical side of RVN but I also love the people involved in it. I really hope that the Raven Community continues to grow, and when you see new miners asking questions, reach out and try to help.

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