newbie #ravener (raven miner?)… first 100rvn in 11 days

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newbie #ravener (raven miner?)… first 100rvn in 11 days

newbie #ravener (raven miner?)... first 100rvn in 11 days

after abandoning eth, i started mining raven on 6/5/21 around 9am using single 6gb rx470. i immediately messed with the overclock setting and eventually settled on power +35, core clock 1302, memory clock 1866. about 8 days into it, i learned about 'compute' mode… ugh! turned that on, and my hash shot-up in a hurry and knocked over 2 days off my estimated time to hit 100. so there's that.

this is on nanopool using nanominer, and i'm generally pleased with the results. based on current settings and productivity, the pool 'calculator' estimates my monthly generation of ravencoin at ~400.

but i'm going to try teamredminer on K1pool for the next 100 in order to try solo mining before everything get too hard to hash, and in hopes of hitting a full block!

wish me luck #kawkaw

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