A Business Idea: Trading Pools Automated with Smart Contracts

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A Business Idea: Trading Pools Automated with Smart Contracts

Yo guys, I'm just a trader with a very low coding skills. If you think I don't know what I am talking about, please tell me so. Also, please show me similar successful websites (not shady bs $5 bots). I know this is not the first time someone thinks an idea like that, so please don't bash me 🙂

I've been trading crypto for some time now. I was asked, like most of us, for help trading. I helped some people learn, I traded for friends and family, etc. I was thinking what if I offered this as a service.

The idea goes like this: I have a pool in a contract. People can connect their wallets, and their funds are locked for a period of time. In the meantime, I trade using Uniswap. I get some percentage out of their profits automatically, the rest is delivered to their wallets. They can get their all money after a lockup period or whenever they want.

It can also be like a market place. The beauty of this would be all trades are open. They can see past data, trades, and results. So, trading pool owner won't be able to fake results as everything is in the blockchain.

Something like this can bring successful traders and investors together, like hedge funds. Yet, the hedge funds only work with big clients and they are not available to public. Successful traders cannot trade with other people's money, because, regulations and shit. So, this should solve a lot of problems.

What do you guys think?

One example (not affiliated)- -> https://zignaly.com/

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