Where are the tokenizers?

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Where are the tokenizers?

Ravencoin can tokenize the world. You have a YouTube? Tokenize it.

You have an indie game? Tokenize your company.

You have a mom and pop style restaurant or general store? Tokenize it.

Do you make art? Tokenize yourself.

Do you write stories, books, or comics? Tokenize it.

What about a blog? Tokenize that.

Do you do anything that provides value or a service to the world that people enjoy or need? Physical or digital? Tokenize it.

Let your supporters support you by buying your token. They will grow with you!

Or am I wrong? Or are we there yet? Can Ravencoin replace the stock market? Can it let you support what you enjoy or need without the middle man or the massive fees for a company to go public? Can it give creators and consumers a direct line to eachother? Or is it all about NFTs? Do we even know all the capabilities?

What will our world be when Ravencoin finds adoption? What is your forecast for the future?

Am I right about this? If so where are the tokenizers? Where are the people doing it?

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