Driving up RVN use

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Driving up RVN use

I'm just throwing it out there for feedback, but I currently plan to try offering small business (effectively) free assistance creating assets… to build use and awareness of RVN. My thought was, small craft shops to begin with, so they can offer a certificate of authenticity for each unique craft. Same for jewelry shops making bespoke items… my only charge will be the RVN they burn (500 and the rest each time)…. maybe a website to go with it so they can automate the process (submit the data and pay the RVN). Would be great to encourage people to install the RVN wallet, or a front end to an asset looking glass.

I'm not too ambitious, at first I may just use mango farm to keep it simple.


Any feedback would be appreciated, and anyone wanting to discuss doing the same in their own community will be great too!

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