Using crypto to send money to inmates

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Using crypto to send money to inmates

So this is not a personal problem, I don’t know anyone that is in jail currently but I thought about this for the past couple of days and did some research on it.

How do we send money to inmates?

Currently, in the US, there are 2 ways,

1- Western Union and we all know that this have insane fees

2- Jpay, the most commonly used that usually takes 1 to 2 days to transfer the money but it can be up to 10 days! Fees are up to 11$ for a single transfer + credit/debit cards fees. This is not right.

I know that, as a crypto community we don’t have any power on this but I think cryptos would really help improve the quality of life of relatives and inmates.

Prison and jails are currently a business model in the US, which isn’t right. Prisons should be about rehabilitation, not business.

I’m not saying using volatile crypto to send to inmates, but a simple stablecoin transfer to send money would be beneficial for everyone, there are currently about 1.8M inmates in the US alone, if they get on average $100 monthly, this is 180M going through Jpay every month, without counting the transfer fees + credit/debit card fees. If the average fees of Jpay is 4.99, this is 9M going into the pockets of Jpay every month, assuming each inmate get 1 transfer/month

Jpay is a private company, they’re making so much money out of inmates, this isn’t right, it shouldn’t be privatize and putting money into the pockets of rich people.

I’m sure other countries are having similar problems to send money to inmates, high fees and it takes too long to receive it.

Let’s change things.

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