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Raven game

Hello all! I have 2 different ideas for games, both use raven assets (or I was contemplating using foxd, a raven clone, as I have close to a million coins) but I have no ability to create a website. I can do pretty much everything else, from creating the assets, to art and music. I literally just need someone who can create a website. I don't have anything to pay anyone, but I would be more than willing to partner with someone! I do believe a raven asset game could really help to spread raven!

I have tried out a few website builders, they do not even come close to offering everything needed to properly set up a crypto centric site.

It would need a basic store (to buy directly from us), it would need a market place (for peer to peer buy and sell), it would need a profile with a wallet (to hold, showcase, and utilize your game pieces), a "how to play" page (needs no explanation), and lastly a contact/feedback page.

If you are interested in partnering up, the only thing you need to do is build the website, my partner and I will handle everything else! If this sounds like a project you'd like to be a part of, please feel free to pm me. I have everything all planned out, just need a website now.

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