Adoption of RavenSocial, thoughts?

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Adoption of RavenSocial, thoughts?

Adoption of RavenSocial, thoughts?



Hello everyone, I hope you are doing alright.

I came up with an idea to create an asset using the Ravencoin blockchain called "RavenSocial".

What is the point of this token?

  • A "currency" the Ravencoin community can use on Reddit and other social platforms to reward other users.
  • Mainly fun and experimental, introducing new Ravencoin users to the platform and connecting the already strong Ravecoin Reddit community with an entertaining project.
  • If it is popular/accepted amongst the community it could be a good project to showcase, which could strengthen the "pull" Ravencoin has.

Wait, so what is it?

The aim of the token is to be used as a reward system, first being introduced on Reddit. Similar to Reddit coins which can be used to purchase and give rewards. Hypothetically if a user posts something, they attach their Ravencoin Core Wallet address on the bottom of the post. Then users in possession of RavenSocial tokens can send them at their leisure. Think of it as a tip.

Some of the cons?

  • It won't be as easy as Reddit coins/awards as it's not implemented into Reddit.

I need help!

In order for this to work obviously, we need pretty substantial adoption from the Ravencoin subreddit. However, in order to get the adoption for a successful project, we need to build a strong foundation. There are several things that I am struggling with that need help:

  • I have an IPFS, which ideally I want it to contain information on the RavenSocial project and what its aim is (currency/reward, experiment/connecting community), followed by basic info on the token like initial quantity, reissuable, etc. I highly encourage saying any info you want added or adjusted in the IPFS as I am running out of ideas.
  • Distribution: I have given the initial distribution of RavenSocial some thought. But as of now, I am open to any idea or suggestion regarding distribution.

Initially, I was thinking of the idea of doing a Reddit post, regarding RavenSocial (besides this
one), and basically give it away to the users that want to utilize it by giving their Ravencoin Core
wallet addresses in the comments. However, that seems really "jank" and I feel like someone can
find a better solution.

  • General feedback: Honestly, I just want to hear your honest opinions on this. I am shooting in the dark over here trying to find something to help Ravencoin, any criticism is welcome.
  • Spreading the news

Thanks a lot for reading. Hopefully, you like what I am trying to do and want to join! However, if you don't, thanks and have a great day!



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