XinFin Blockchain’s XRC20 token standard is Now Supported on D’CENT Biometrics Wallet

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XinFin Blockchain’s XRC20 token standard is Now Supported on D’CENT Biometrics Wallet

XinFin Network (XDC) is the most prominent, and fast-growing ecosystem. XinFin Network’s XRC20 based token standard now has the support of the biometrics hardware wallet, D’CENT.  In a recent tweet, D’CENT wallet confirmed its support for the XRC20 token, StorX Network (SRX).

SRX Now Supported on D’CENT Wallet

$SRX is an XRC-20 utility token that enables StorX data storage Marketplace. StorX is a decentralized cloud storage platform like Google Drive but with data stored in a decentralized storage setup by the community-driven Storage/Farm node. StorX Network uses XinFin Network as blockchain Infrastructure and smart contract standards.

XinFin and its Achievements

The XDC Network — created by eXchange inFinite (XinFin) — is a delegated proof of stake consensus network (XDPoS), enabling hybrid relay bridges, instant block finality, and interoperability with ISO 20022 financial messaging standards, making XinFin’s Hybrid architecture enterprise and developer-friendly.

XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) is the digital asset that powers the XDC hybrid blockchain network. The XDC token works as a settlement process for decentralized applications (Dapps) built on the XDC Network, including TradeFinex, a network for trade finance originators to distribute trade assets to the growing class of alternative asset investors.

XinFin’s hybrid blockchain proves to be highly efficient, enables instant transactions and trades, secure to the topmost 1st tier. It becomes the preferred selection for most financial firms due to its maneuverability on liquidation. The gas fees are extremely negligible, accounting for only $0.00001. Another main aspect promoting XinFin XDC is its rated energy consumption of just 0.0000074 Twh making it get the status ‘Green’. The transaction per second speed of XinFin mounts to 2000.

According to CoinGecko, the XDC price is at $0.051 with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,557,834, at the time of writing.

The below chart shows the achievements that XinFin has accomplished for 2021.


Achievements of XinFin 2021 (Source: Twitter)

XinFin has been listed on the top cryptocurrency exchanges. These include HitBTC, Changelly PRO, WBF Exchange, KuCoin, Liquid, Indodax, Bitfinex, Bitrue and many more. The platform also made fabulous partnerships and also wallet integrations.

With all these achievements happening within the XinFin ecosystem, the platform has been through a successful journey since its mainnet launch. Even more, the platform also recently celebrated its successful completion of the second anniversary of its mainnet launch.