The biggest hindrance to making crypto mainstream (My opinion obviously)

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The biggest hindrance to making crypto mainstream (My opinion obviously)

Hey all,

I am just putting this on this forum to get some response from you all and see if my opinion is shared or if I am just an idiot. Also, it makes me think of a potential business idea so I wanted to see what you all thought.

The problem with crypto right now and making it normalized is that it is complex. Yes, I understand that it is a total different system than what we currently run on, so you are going to need to learn it to be able to use it. I get that, but the issue is that a lot of people do not want to spend the time to learn a new system, but may want to be able to use it.

"Well don't be lazy and learn how it works, how to use a wallet, how to fund the wallet etc". This is true, but people are fucking lazy, that's why people don't switch between different banks, simply because they are too lazy to do so even if they are unhappy with their current bank (this is coming from someone who worked for Wells Fargo for 3 years – shitty bank, but people stay because they just don't want to spend the time to help themselves).

this made me think "how can you get someone to get into Crypto without having the learning curve issues with it?" I don't think I have the perfect answer, but I think that a company that actually does the setup for the customer and also keeps their codes/seed phrases secure would help a lot more people come on board.

Now I know that this somewhat flies in the face of what many would say is the point of crypto currency "not your key, not your wallet" I think is the term people use, but think about trying to get your mom or dad into this (assuming we are mostly millennials/Gen z's) – first you need to walk them through what wallet they should get and honestly even as a millennial the amount of wallets and trying to figure out which one is right for you can be a little exhausting, with how new the tech is, it is sometimes hard to figure out which wallets are legit, not to mention which ones are the best.

Once you have the wallet issue figured out, you need to figure out how to work DeFi/whatever Dapps you are using – while this might be simple for most people here, funding your wallet and then staking/using defi can be confusing for many, also remember that most board members of companies are going to be older than most of us here, so trying to get companies to use DeFi would take convincing of management at companies that it is safe, and people usually don't think something is safe if they cannot use it.

I'm somewhat rambling now, but I think a company that could help with this for institutions/individuals would actually help crypto out a lot as I think this is a major issue of crypto, but I wanted to see if you all thought that this is incorrect or if I'm missing anything.

Edit: Forgot to add business idea in the title, sorry

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