Just made a big boy decision today.

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Just made a big boy decision today.

After getting my virgin crypto cherry popped by the cluster fuck that is dogecoin I finaly decided to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time… get all of my money OUT OF DOGECOIN! after hearing about the historical set of laws passed by El salvador today I decided to put a good portion of my crypto into bitcoin and spread the rest of my funds around on other various coins I've done some research on. If I have anything to thank Elon for regarding his little scam I have to say thank you Mr musk for getting me into crypto in the first place because without your dumbass set of midnight tweets I would never have relised how much I love trading and how much I enjoy the community around it. I've finaly made it from a scared little HODLER to a day trader. While I still only know about 10% of how all this works I must say it's been one of the most interesting and educating years financially and personaly that I have ever had. Thanks to all of you for answering all of my stupid, silly or overall just common sense questions and I hope to one day make a nice chunk of change of crypto, and if not at least I had fun along the way!!!

Edit for clarification: I wasn't specific enough in my explanation which seems to be causing some confusion. I didn't mean to illude to the fact that doge itself is a scam. Dogecoin is the same concept that every other up and coming coin was, it just so happened to get boosted through meme culture to the point that its at today and whether that's for the better or the worst is purely up to personal opinion. The whole GME movement was a meme at first but look at it now. While I also don't think Elon had any ill intent in the begining I do find it hard to believe with him being the buissnes man he is that he didn't realize how much he could profit of his joke and that's what I was trying to explain. At the end of the day Elon didn't make me invest in crypto and doge didn't make me invest in crypto. I ultimately made the final choice and what I was trying to show was it doesn't matter what noob choice In the begining led me to crypto but what really matters is the fact that I learned from that choice and am now on the path to learning even more. No hate towards doge and Elon perhaps "scam" was the wrong word but it was MOST DEFINITELY a pump and dump and that I will not argue. I could be wrong in 10 years and I could be right but that's the great thing about crypto… We never know!

Edit 2: I've heard the masses…. I will and am definatly considering HOLDING as it seems to be VERY supported . I just want to get experience with both day trading/holding certain coins to get my feet wet in both areas and to see what I know. I am currently holding most coins and trading some but if anything the money I put in originally was "meant to be lost" because In my mind I won't learn unless I stake a little to mess up with.

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