RVN Mining – not receiving anything in Wallet

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RVN Mining – not receiving anything in Wallet

I‘m fairly new to mining RVN. So I mined some coins via 2miner pool. I have already created a RVN wallet and dropped the adress in the mining editor file and it works.

I can also check my performance/ results on the 2miners website. The thing is it shows me that they paid out my coins to my wallet already but when I check it, there is nothing received.

I can click on some hyperlinks which lead me to some more wallet adresses including a lot of other users. When i click on mine I get forwarded to the ravencoin.network link with a summary and a QR code.

I have already waited a week, just in case the transaction takes a longer time but still received nothing.

So how do I receive the coins in my wallet?

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