RTX3080 Ti Hashrate

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RTX3080 Ti Hashrate

I just bought a 3080 Ti to mine other altcoins besides ETH. I just received it today and immediately started mining Ravencoin. Stock overclock setting I was getting around 50 Megahash
but if I push up the core clock or even the mem clock, the hash rate drops. I saw another YouTuber also said that the stock clock setting is the best according to the RedPandaMining excel sheet ( a sheet that records all the oc settings for all different algo).

Doesn't this seem a bit weird because 3080 can easily reach 50 megahash with OC setting while 3080 Ti best performance was at 50 megahash at stock settings.

Anybody wanna share their oc settings or experience cuz I saw one of the youtube I think which is DizzyMining reach 57 or 58 Megahash. When I apply his oc settings, it does not work !!!

My GPU Model : Palit 3080Ti GamingPro OC

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