Confession : Vitaliks some lad

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Confession : Vitaliks some lad

I listened to theLex Friedman podcast today and it was the first time Ive actually bothered to listen to the bold Vitalki Buterin speak ( I first dabbled/invested in crypto in 2017/18, fell away and came back).

Ive often seen posts pumping up the odd looking chap who wears 'eccentric' tshirts and I wrongly prejudged that he was just a massive nerd, I wouldnt understand half the stuff he was talking about and would bore me to tears.

I have to confess….he came across great. He was personable, informative in a non-condescending, approachable way. Also loved the way he accepted the flaws of the project and explained how certain decisions were made rather than hiding/deflecting from the truth.

All in all, It made me even more interested and bullish for Ethereum's future knowing theres an absolute crypto shagger at the helm. I apologise and revoke my judgement. Shame on me for not listening to the man sooner.

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