Educational material on RVN

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Educational material on RVN

Hello Ravens,

so I decided to work on educational material on RVN because I realized that in order to get anywhere we need people to make aware of RVN's strength. I gotta say that a great ambition can burn one out quite fast but yea I guess a huge load of valerian is a game-changer.

The point is to simplify the Proof-of-Work consensus and highlight the advantages of RVN (tokenization of assets). My last before was sort of wishy-washy. I did not know whether I should post it until I checked a few things.

There was a point when I got stuck (you know what if if if if…) but it is good to have Jeroz and other devs on board.

Well, the first 4 pages are ready but there are more to go.

If anyone wants to join the train, pls let me know. There is only so much you can do on your own.

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