Can we stop being so dang salty?

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Can we stop being so dang salty?

I am happy more people are buying cryptos. I don’t care if it’s Bitcoin, ETH, Doge, or whatever. People will buy what they want to buy and the risk is on them.

Im seeing so many Elon hating posts and it’s really annoying. Back when Elon was repping Bitcoin everyone here was super happy. Now that he’s repping Doge (or anything but YOUR coin) he’s the worst thing ever. Be happy he’s even repping crypto in the first place.

I don’t see many other rich folk of his caliber going in on crypto like he is doing. Just because it’s not “___coin” doesn’t mean you get to shit on anyone else with differing purchases. If anything, the rude/aggressive crypto “experts” here and in other places seem to be causing more harm. Scaring off potential investors in the first place.

Buy what you want and screw anyone who tells you otherwise.

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