Skepticism Sunday 16/05/2021 – If you have questions, concerns or doubts about the project, discuss them here!

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Skepticism Sunday 16/05/2021 – If you have questions, concerns or doubts about the project, discuss them here!

Here we have the seventh "Skepticism Sunday" post for Ravencoin.

This post is for critically discussing any concerns people have about Ravencoin and its future. The idea is to strengthen the project by alleviating concerns, identifying flaws and hopefully organising solutions to them.


Please refrain from RVN price (prediction and/or speculation) discussions in response to this post.

This idea is borrowed from the Monero community and you can view the original reasoning behind it in this post.

Why a weekly post for this?

This weekly post isn't meant to replace or dissuade people from making individual posts of their concerns about Ravencoin. Rather, there are plenty of small concerns/talking points that perhaps aren't discussed on the subreddit as people don't believe they warrant a standalone post. It seems a lot of these smaller questions are asked over on the Discord server but get eventually lost in the chat history; a weekly post is easier to archive and look back on as well as giving more people a chance to respond. Again, the intent is to ask difficult questions, identify potential problems and strengthen the project.


  • Read the FAQs below, it captures a huge majority of the common questions asked on the subreddit.
  • Read the whitepaper first. A lot of the basics of the project can be found here.
  • Post your concerns and thoughts below.
  • Be constructive.
  • Please avoid low quality, one-line posts.
  • If you have an opinion about something that someone has written then please feel free to reply; you don't have to be an expert or a developer.
  • If possible, try to think of an upvote as "I think this is a valid point that needs to be discussed".
  • Please refrain from discussing price (unless relevant).
  • Read the FAQs again.
  • Lastly, keep it respectful!



Q: "What is Ravencoin/what makes it different?"

A: "Ravencoin is a code fork of Bitcoin, fair launch, proof of work mined chain with an asset aware protocol that allows users to easily create and manage unique digital assets. That’s it."

To learn more. Read the whitepaper.

Q: "What are people doing to promote RVN?"

A: Check out the Ravencoin foundation (their blog can be found here).

Q: "We need more marketing!"

A: Ravencoin is a community-run effort where anyone can get involved and help out; marketing included! If you want to help out, here are my personal ideas for what could help generate interest and/or make the community a more vibrant place (my personal ideas): * Ravencoin podcast (like this) * Weekly Ravencoin post where you gather all the latest news about the project (like this) * Ravencoin "webzine" combining Ravencoin related news, art and discussion . * Ravencoin radio where people can listen to some tunes (like this). * Ravencoin Community Crowdfunding Service (like this) * Related to the above suggestion – donation drives to help out charities in need (bird sanctuaries, maybe :p)

Q: "Ravencoin sounds awesome in theory but who is using it?

A: Lots of people! Have a look on the front page of the wiki.

Q: "Who is the owner of the wallet that contains 42% of all RVN?"

A: Check out this post.

Q: "When will Coinbase list Ravencoin?"

A: All major work has been done to be eligible for Coinbase to list Ravencoin and the application has been resubmitted to them. Hopefully we hear good news soon.

Q: "Will EIP 1559 make Ethereum miners switch to mining Ravencoin?"

A: Potentially. Redditor /u/ancymon85 recommended this video to understand more about the potential switch from ETH to RVN.

Q: "500 RVN for the creation of an asset seems quite high. Will this be changed? Can't it be linked to fiat?"

A: For an answer to this I would highly suggest reading Tron Black's post regarding this. He goes into detail about each suggestion that was proposed and lists the pros and cons of each.

Mining questions

Q: "Can I mine ETH and get paid in RVN?"

A: Yes, I would suggest MiningPoolHub, Unmineable or something similar. This is a mining pool auto-exchange, meaning you can mine one coin and get paid in another.

Q: "Is it not better to mine RVN directly?"

A: By mining RVN directly you are supporting the Ravencoin network; it helps a lot. If you want to help the network and don't mind earning slightly less then mining Ravencoin directly is the best move.

Q: "Does Ravencoin have a "One Click Miner"?"

A: Not yet! I've started work on a frontend for the Kawpow miner but I cannot promise how long this will take; I hope soonish. In the meantime, getting the Kawpow miner to work is generally just a question of writing one line in a BAT file and double clicking on it. This guide might help you.

Q: "Is mining Ravencoin profitable for my card?"

A: More than likely, yes. Ravencoin can be mined with most cards, even ones with 4GB of memory. Go to What To Mine and select your card there to see expected earnings. (Please note, your card might not be on that website but that doesn't mean it isn't profitable or supported. Instead, have a look at a similar powered card to get a rough idea of the profitability.)

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